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Section: interaction-workspace
Default Value: false
Valid Values: true, false
Changes Take Effect: Immediately.

If the value false is specified, agents must manually change their state from After Call Work to some other status. If the value true is specified, the After Call Work state is changed to the former status when an agent clicks Done.


Section: interaction-workspace
Default Value:
Valid Values: File path or HTTP/HTTPS URL.
Changes Take Effect: When the application is started or restarted.
Related Options: teamcommunicator.corporate-favorites

Specifies the name and the path to your corporate favorites definition file. The path can be relative to the Workspace working directory (for example: Favorites\CorporateFavorites.txt) or an absolute path (for example: C:\PathToFavorites\CorporateFavorites.txt) or a location of the file using an HTTP/HTTPS URL (Proxy and Authentication are not supported). The file must be in XML format. For information about how to use this option with the teamcommunicator.corporate-favorites option and transaction overrides see Creating Corporate Favorites.

Workspace Desktop Edition Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Mac Solaris Windows
04/28/2022 Update X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • In the teamcommunicator.corporate-favorites-file option, it is now possible to specify the location of the file using an HTTP/HTTPS URL.
    Access to the configured URL is not supported using HTTP Proxy and Authentication.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

Workspace now retains the background image set by CSS of an HTML format email when inserting a Standard Response. This background is not visible in the Workspace editor, but it is visible in the HTML Preview and HTML email sent to the customer. (IW-17618)

Workspace now correctly handles advanced call scenarios where the agent is engaged in a call through a two-step transfer after predictive multi-site dialing. Previously, in this scenario, the removed consultation leg would remain visible and unresponsive. (IW-17617)

The email HTML editor now supports the Type attribute of the UL, OL, and LI tags. (IW-17602)

Workspace now properly handles CSS attributes flagged with the !important label. (IW-17601)

The Workspace HTML email editor now allows editing hyperlinks defined with email addresses. Previously, only HTTP URLs were editable. (IW-17598)

Workspace no longer forces an agent to the Ready status in an environment where voice.cancel-after-call-work-on-done is set to true and the agent redials a call from the Party drop-down menu while the agent is in the After Call Work status. (IW-17582)

Workspace now correctly processes Callback requests when an agent specifies callback instructions containing double quotes. Previously, callback requests with double quotes were rejected. (IW-17546)

Workspace now correctly records the outbound calls generated from outbound predictive campaigns for presenting the calls in the Recent list in Team Communicator. (IW-17545)

In asynchronous chat interactions, if the connection to the chat server is temporarily unavailable when an agent pulls a chat from a workbin, Workspace now displays the Put On Hold button and disables the Mark Done button. Previously, in this scenario, only the Mark Done button was enabled and if the agent pressed Mark Done, the chat interaction would become unrecoverable. (IW-17462)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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