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Section: interaction-workspace
Default Value: No default value
Valid Values: A comma separated list of valid file extensions, such as xlsx, png, and so on.
Changes Take Effect: At next attachment download.

Specifies the list of attachment file types that when they are opened are writable on the hard drive of the agent workstation once they are downloaded from UCS.

Workspace Desktop Edition Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
11/15/18 Update X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • A rectangular frame visual effect is now applied to tab controls that have the keyboard focus.
  • You can now display UCS interaction IDs by setting the 'Id' attribute as a display column in the Contact History, My History, and Interaction Search views.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

Workspace no longer becomes unresponsive when displaying an email where the HTML body contains a large amount of binary data. (IW-15834)

In the Case Information view, when a field is configured to be edited by using a drop-down list or a tree view control, the display name is now correctly stored in the clipboard when an agent copies it. Previously, the technical value associated with the display name was copied to the clipboard. (IW-15818)

The Rich Text Email Editor now behaves as expected when the cursor is placed at the beginning of the text of a reply email, and then the font, size, or format is changed using either the toolbar or keyboard shortcuts. (IW-15806)

Workspace History views, such as Interaction Search, no longer become unresponsive when an unexpected error occurs during the processing triggered by the selection of an interaction. (IW-15799)

You can now specify the following two privileges to an agent without a conflict:

  • Email - Can Interim Send = Allow
  • Email - Can Send = Deny

Previously, in this scenario, the agent was not able to send a reply email; now, as expected, only sending a new email interaction is denied. (IW-15795)

Email addresses that contain underscore characters are now correctly displayed in the Team Communicator, Contact Directory, and Interaction Party views 'new email' drop-down menus. (IW-15768)

Emails that contain long strings of alphanumeric characters in the body, such as those containing encrypted content, now display much quicker. Previously, these emails could take several minutes to display. Disabling Spelling Check improves performance further. (IW-15767)

The <hr> tag is now correctly rendered in the email editor; however, the 'style' attribute is not applied. (IW-15754)

Agents can drag email attachments to the desktop and they will be saved as 'editable'. The general.writable-downloaded-attachment-file-types option no longer affects the 'read-only flag' of attachments that are dragged to the Windows file system. (IW-15745)

The 'To' and 'Cc' addresses of inbound email interactions are now correctly displayed in the Details tabs of the Contact History, My History, and Workbin views. Previously, additional information that could be not read by agents was displayed in these views. (IW-15741)

Categories and values in tree-view selectors in the Case Information view are now correctly sorted into alphabetical order. (IW-15735)

Embedded images are now correctly included when an inbound email interaction is forwarded to an external resource. (IW-15727)

The clickable area of a hyperlink in a chat transcript or email body is now confined just to the hyperlink text. Previously, agents could activate a hyperlink by clicking in the text area close to a hyperlink. (IW-15718)

Interaction History filter names that contain underscores are now correctly displayed in the Interaction History view. (IW-15706)

Workspace now makes several attempts to play an audio alert file if the initial attempt was rejected by the audio layer. Previously, only one attempt was made to play an alert audio file; if the file was rejected by the audio layer, the alert sound was not played. (IW-15673)

In SIP Server environments, you can now configure Workspace to apply 'Mute Transfer' when an agent makes an Instant Transfer. Previously, only 'Single Step Transfer' could be applied. (IW-15482)

In the logs, the hiding of sensitive data (such as passwords) has been improved. (IW-15291)

Workspace no longer becomes unresponsive when the width or height of the Case Information area is changed due to the addition of data in editable fields, the addition of a field, or when a voice interaction is transferred. (IW-15007)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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