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CX Contact Release Notes

CX Contact is part of 9.x starting in
Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
11/02/18 General Under Shipping Control X

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What's New

  • On the Treatment tab for a dialing profile, campaign template, or campaign group, you can now specify a URI to a stored SCXML treatment script. When you do this, the system applies all treatment configuration defined in the SCXML treatment script and ignores all treatment configuration previously defined in CX Contact. For more information, refer to the SCXML-based Treatments page. (CLOUDCON-5384)
  • The new data mapping feature is an alternative to using an input specification file to map contact data to fields in a CX Contact contact list. You can create a data mapping schema for either a fixed-position file or a delimited file and then apply the schema to a list being imported into CX Contact via manual import or via list automation. For detailed instructions, visit the Create a Data Mapping Schema page. (CLOUDCON-3647)
  • For call treatments, the Increment retry option is no longer a mandatory option. Previously, if you selected Retry in from the Apply to Record menu, you had to define an increment value. (CLOUDCON-5409)
  • On the Campaigns dashboard, an icon now displays to the right of a campaign group name to indicate the type of dialing mode the campaign group uses. When you hover over the icon, the name of the dialing mode and associated dialing parameters display in a text box. Refer to the Create and Manage a Campaign Group page for more information.(CLOUDCON-5244)
  • The media control icons on the Campaigns dashboard have increased in size and have changed in color. In addition, a new status bulb displays next to the media controls to indicate the status of the campaign group. For more information, refer to the Create and Manage a Campaign Group page. (CLOUDCON-5430)

Resolved Issues

This release contains no resolved issues.

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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