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CX Contact Release Notes

CX Contact is part of 9.x starting in
Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
08/25/20 General Under Shipping Control X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • The DB field name of every Contact List field is now located under its respective column header when using List Details Viewer. When working with SQL use the DB field name to query the correct DB fields. For additional information, see Contact List Import. (CLOUDCON-10513)
  • You can now filter the List Details View according to the following free-form SQL entries. For additional information, see the SQL row in the List Details View table.
    • Where - An SQL filtering expression applied to the selected contact list.
    • Order By - An SQL ordering expression applied to the selected contact list. (CLOUDCON-10503)
  • You can now hide/show columns in the List Detail View. For more information, see the Important note in the Contact List Import section. (CLOUDCON-10458)
  • A summary of the number of contacts and devices in the entire contact list and in the selected filtered view is now provided above the List Details View you. For additional information, see List Details View (CLOUDCON-10412)
  • All List Details View filtering rules, and selection rules (contact and advanced) are accessible from the *Rule* drop-down list. As a result, you can now apply previously created filtering and selection rules to view previous results. For additional information, see the Rule row in the List Details View table. (CLOUDCON-10396)
  • The records in the List Details View are now automatically color grouped. Each color represents a different customer. Since each customer can have more than one device, the colors enable you to view which records belong to the same customer. For additional information, see the Important note under the List Details View table.(CLOUDCON-10372)
  • The Copy Contact option now includes a Copy as Callback option that enables you to maintain the callback information (that is, agent name, the date and time the callback occurred, and the type of callback) when a contact is copied to a new contact list. For more information, see Apply to Record Options Defined (CLOUDCON-10363)
  • Custom Compliance rules created using custom expressions can now be validated before they are saved and applied to campaign groups. (CLOUDCON-10066)
  • You can now create a filtering rule from the List Details View. Using this option, you can now test and validate SQL queries against uploaded contact lists and save the active query as a filtering rule for future use. For additional information, see the SQL row in the List Details View table. (CLOUDCON-10928)
  • CX Contact Analytics now supports HTTPS connection to Elasticsearch. (CLOUDCON-10952)
  • You can now view the import history of lists imported when working with List Automation. The new Activity Type field will show the List Automation value if imported by SFTP automation. (CLOUDCON-10900)
  • Campaign dashboard statistics now include the number of successful contact attempts during an active session and the total number of successful contact attempts for the selected campaign group. Note: The Aggregation of Delivered, Not Delivered and Not attempted statistics will always match the total contact list size. (CLOUDCON-10647)

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

Exporting data to a .csv file from the Contact History Record Dashboard no longer gets stuck during the export operation. (CLOUDCON-10593)

When working with the Advanced view option in the List Details View, the descriptions in the Device Mask column are now fully displayed. (CLOUDCON-10591)

When an SMS is sent to a Virgin Mobile number, the call result is no longer unknown. (CLOUDCON-10522)

401 and 501 US area codes are no longer incorrectly classified as non-geographic numbers in the Device Mask field. (CLOUDCON-10517)

SMS STOP request automatically adds the device to the default SMS suppression list. (CLOUDCON-10507)

The List Automation schedule now functions as expected. Previously, the List Automation schedule did not run automatically at a predefined date and time. (CLOUDCON-10430)

The List Details View no longer displays data from a deleted contact list and error messages. (CLOUDCON-10425)

The default strict sign out time is now set to a maximum of 15 minutes to to ensure PCI compliance. Previously, the maximum was more than 15 minutes. (CLOUDCON-10787)

The size of the configuration modal window has been increased to avoid user interface problems. (CLOUDCON-10734)

An unexpected behavior that occurred when there were white spaces in the values in the custom table has now been resolved. (CLOUDCON-10733)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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