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CX Contact Release Notes

CX Contact is part of 9.x starting in
The URL for this Release Note indicates CX Contact, however, the full release number is
Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Mac Solaris Windows
02/28/22 General Under Shipping Control X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • On the Campaign Dashboard, the display of filter and list numbers in the upper-right corner of the affected cells now takes into account whether device escalation is enabled at the Campaign Group level. (CLOUDCON-14855)
  • Campaign Dashboard statistics now take into account device escalation settings. (CLOUDCON-14854)
  • When Campaign Groups are created using list automation, unsupported characters are now ignored, just like how they already were in the UI. (CLOUDCON-14853)
  • The Complete if no more records check box is added to the campaign template settings. (CLOUDCON-14823)
  • CX Contact now supports variable email templates, enabling a campaign group to send variable email messages based on user-defined fields and expressions. (CLOUDCON-14534)
  • The number of email variable template tabs that can be created in the UI is now limited to 30. (CLOUDCON-14821)
  • The exists filter is now supported when exporting CX Contact Analytics data using a list automation job. (CLOUDCON-14804)
  • When applying filters, CX Contact prioritizes panel-level filters over dashboard filters, if both filters are present. (CLOUDCON-14723)
  • The naming convention for export files from list automation jobs is now based on the tenant's time zone instead of GMT/UTC. (CLOUDCON-14608)
  • In the main Campaigns view, Ctrl+click now switches to List view. (CLOUDCON-14593)
  • CX Contact Analytics now supports dashboard filters with the type querystring. (CLOUDCON-14650)
  • The header value $GSW_RECORD_HANDLE is now supported in external pre-dial validation headers. (CLOUDCON-14595)
  • A new option allows switching between global and local timezones for schedules. (CLOUDCON-14541)

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

An issue involving certain filter definitions in CX Contact Analytics is now resolved. (CLOUDCON-14890)

An issue which caused the import of .zip files to fail in certain cases is now resolved. (CLOUDCON-14811)

An issue with setting the dial mode configuration from the CX Contact UI is now resolved. (CLOUDCON-14736)

An issue with the line feed character missing from the last record in export files from CX Contact Analytics is now fixed. (CLOUDCON-14698)

In List Automation, when using the Crontab option for the Schedule, it is now required to select the time zone in which the Crontab should execute. This may cause the start time to change for any existing automation jobs. (CLOUDCON-14645)

An issue which prevented sample data to be displayed in certain cases while importing a calling list is now resolved. (CLOUDCON-14519)

CX Contact no longer displays an error when a campaign group that has more than one calling list is updated after applying a dialing filter to a calling list. (CLOUDCON-14499)

For SMS and Email attempts in CX Contact Analytics and SMS/Email records, callResult is now set to Ok as soon as an attempt is made. If a timeout error is received within 24 hours, the value will continue to remain Ok instead of System Error, as there is no confirmation of delivery. Error messages will be created to track events and the provideReceipt field is set to Unknown. (CLOUDCON-15063)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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