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Translation service

Usage of translation service will result in the document content being transferred to the 3rd-party translation provider. By enabling this feature you authorize your authors to perform such operations with the pre-configured translation service. Usage of translation service will result in the service fee according to the pricing policy of the translation provided and configured.

What is translation service?

Knowledge Center can use 3rd-party translation APIs to enable authors with a capability to automatically translate the content of knowledge documents from one language to another.

Authors can translate the whole document or just particular fields of the document. Automated translation allows using state-of-the-art Neural Machine Translation (NMT) to simplify an authors work by avoiding routine translation done by computer. The Author is able to review and edit pre-translated content before saving.

Supported Translation APIs

Knowledge Center supports following Translation APIs:

Configuring Translation Service

The Administrator is able to configure the translation service for the Knowledge Center cluster by setting following option:

  1. In the section translation set option Translation Service (type) to one of the following values:
    • none - translation service is disabled (default value)
    • google - Cloud Translation API
    • microsoft - Microsoft Translator Text API
    • yandex - Yandex.Translate API
  2. In the section translation, set option API Key (key) to the value of API key provided by the selected translation provider.

Getting API key

This chapter provides sample steps to get API Key from one of the supported translation providers. Please always refer to the documentation of the selected provider to get up-to-date information on configuration on API keys and pricing.
Usage of Translation API will result in changes on your account according to pricing policy of the selected provider.

Each of the providers of text translation functionality has its own way of obtaining the API key:


1 Set up Google cloud project
  1. Sign in at Google cloud console
  2. Create new or open one of your existing project
2 Add "Cloud Translator API" to your project
  1. Open APIs and Services > Dashboard
  3. Search for and click Cloud Translation API
  4. Click ENABLE

A console will ask you to enable billing. After you approve use of billing, Cloud Translator API is added to your project.

3 Create API key
  1. Open APIs and Services > Credentials
  2. Click Create credentials > API key

API key is created and ready to use.


1 Sign into Azure
2 Subscribe to Microsoft Translator
  1. After you sign into Azure, navigate to Cognitive Services
  2. Under API Type select Text or Speech API
    • You can only add one Translator API subscription at a time
  3. In the Pricing Tier section, select the pricing tier that best fits your needs
    • Each subscription has a free tier. The free tier has the same features and functionalities as the paid plans and does not have an expiration date
  4. Fill out the rest of the form, and select Create
    • All subscriptions go into effect immediately
3 Retrieve Authentication Key
  1. Navigate to All Resources and click on your subscription to retrieve your authentication key
    • The Key value is used for authentication so keep the Key value confidential. You will need this when you develop your app.


1 Sign into Yandex Use the Yandex home page to sign-in or sign-up.
2 Create API key Navigate to API keys and click Create key. In the popup, enter the description of your key and click Create.
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