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Sizing Information

Disclaimer: This page contains information related to the 8.5.x release of the product. It will be updated soon to reflect the 9.0 release.

Before deploying the Genesys Knowledge Center solution to your production site, you must estimate the size of the solution that can handle the expected user load. Genesys recommends that you download the Sizing Calculator, an Excel workbook that you can use to help calculate the number of nodes required for your production deployment. Note: clicking the link will automatically start the download.

The process of estimation starts from input values, usually given in the terms of business operations (for example, number of knowledge bases, or number of sessions and questions per session). Using some math, and having in mind the workflow that is applied to the input traffic, you can then produce the expected load values in terms of requests per second. Applying these values to the experimentally produced measurements, you can estimate the size of the solution required to be deployed.

The minimum number of the Knowledge Center Server nodes in Knowledge Center Cluster is 3. When doing the lab testing you can use 1 node configuration.
A cluster with 2 nodes cannot be used in the lab or in a production deployment. Running a 2 node cluster might lead to data loss in a network outage between these nodes.
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