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Using CMS with Microsoft SQL Server


  • Create new database in Microsoft SQL Server
  • Create user account to access the database

Configuring CMS

  1. Open Genesys Administrator and navigate to Provisioning > Environment > Applications
  2. Select the application defined for the Knowledge Center Cluster and click Edit
  3. From the Options tab in the cms.cluster section, set the following options:
    1. set option type to value mssql
    2. Important
      if you are using version 8.5.300.xx, please type jdbc instead of mssql
    3. set dbConnectionUrl to JDBC connection string for connection to MS SQL Server following the format:
      jdbc:sqlserver://<host_of_MSSQL_Server>:<port_of_MSSQL_Server, 1433 by default>;databaseName=<CMS_DB_name>
    4. dbUsername - set to the username that needs to be used to login to MS SQL Server
    5. dbPassword - set to the password for db account
    6. dbDriverClass - set to net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver
Description of options in cms.cluster section can be found in Configuration Options.

If you are installing Knowledge Center CMS 8.5.302.xx or earlier, you need to download and place Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver on every CMS host:

  1. Open in your browser https://sourceforge.net/projects/jtds/files/jtds/1.2.7/
  2. Download jtds-1.2.7-dist.zip (Oracle account is needed)
  3. Unpack downloaded archive
  4. Place jtds-1.2.7.jar into <CMS_installation_folder>/lib/ext
  5. Important
    The driver must be added to the installation folder of every CMS node in your deployment.
    Starting from the 8.5.303.xx release of the product, drivers are embedded into the CMS's IP.
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