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Configuring CMS to Work with PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is supported starting from 8.5.304.xx release of the Genesys Knowledge CMS Please use the latest stable version of PostgreSQL.


  • Create new database in PostgreSQL
  • Create user account to access the database

Configuring CMS

  1. Configure database properties in the Genesys Knowledge Center Cluster application.
  2. Open Genesys Administrator and navigate to Provisioning > Environment > Applications.
  3. Select the application defined for the Knowledge Center Cluster and click Edit.
  4. From the Options tab in the cms.cluster section, set the following options:
    • for option type set postgre value.
    • dbConnectionUrl - to JDBC connection string for connection to PostreSQL Server following the format:
    • dbUsername - set to the username that needs to be used to login to PostgreSQL.
    • dbPassword - set to the password for db account.
    Note: Description of options in cms.cluster section can be found in Configuration Options.
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