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Monitoring Knowledge Center

Knowledge Center provides access to metrics and other key performance indicators (KPIs).

It also gives you the ability to configure Message Server alarms when a KPI passes its threshold value.

Monitoring Capability supported by both Knowledge Center Server and Knowledge Center CMS.

Knowledge Center Metrics

Starting with release, Knowledge Center integrates with the third-party Metrics Java library to keep track of several Knowledge Center metrics. The Metrics toolkit includes counters, timers, histograms, and gauges.

You will probably want to use Java Management Extensions (JMX) as your main way of reporting on these metrics. We show how to do that here. Or you may want to check out some of the other tools that are available.

You can also use REST—which is helpful for performance testing—or write your metrics to a log file or to the console.

Knowledge Center Alarms

Knowledge Center lets you use tools from the Genesys Management Layer for monitoring and controlling your applications. These tools can be an important factor in improving performance—especially alarms, which let you set performance thresholds for these key metrics:

  • Garbage collection latency
  • Heap memory usage

Alarm Configuration

Alarm name Alarm description Alarm Condition object Related configuration option
Threshold type Selection mode Application type Detect Event ID Cancel Event ID
Heap Memory Usage Defines the heap memory usage threshold value. This is the ratio of used heap memory to maximum heap memory. predefined Select by Application Type Knowledge Center Backend Server 100001 100002 HeapMemoryUsage.threshold
GC Latency Defines the garbage collection latency threshold value, in milliseconds, in relation to the last time the garbage was collected within the configured time interval. 10005 10006 GcLatency.threshold
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