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Welcome to the Predictive Routing Help. This file provides instructions on using the Predictive Routing interface.

Using the Predictive Routing interface you can do the following:

  • Set up accounts. When you open Predictive Routing for the first time, you must add the Predictive Routing application to your list of Configurable Apps and switch to it before you can take any additional steps.
  • Import agent, customer, and interaction data.
  • Create predictors and models based on your imported data.
  • Set up users and groups.
  • Review and test the performance of your predictors and models.
  • Create reports showing the outcome of scoring using various models.
  • Monitor jobs that you are running.
  • Create dashboards that enable you to quickly view items you use most often.
  • The Predictive Routing interface as shown in this Help file might include features or settings that do not apply to your contact center.
  • For deployment and operating instructions, or to explore how Predictive Routing handles data in depth, see the Predictive Routing Deployment and Operations Guide.
  • For a list of new features by release and the associated documentation updates, including those in this Help system, see the New Features Log in the Predictive Routing Deployment and Operations Guide.

Navigating the Predictive Routing interface


Predictive Routing has two sets of navigation links, one at the top next to the Predictive Routing product name, the other on the left side of the window.

  • The left-hand navigation bar enables you to import your data and configure the objects you need to match customers and agents. If you do not see this bar:
    • Click the Settings cog wheel in the top right corner to open the Settings menu.
  • The top navigation bar enables you to view and analyze already-created objects.
  • To switch between applications (if your environment uses more than one of the Genesys Analytics applications), click the current application name in the top menu bar to open a drop-down list of configured applications.

Navigating this Help file


When you click the Help icon from the Predictive Routing interface, the Help widget opens. It is context-sensitive, which means that the most relevant page heads the list of topics.

Navigating the Help Widget

  • Click the title of the desired topic to open it in the widget. Links at the top of the page jump directly to specific material.
  • Use the Search box (at the top of the widget page) to locate information.
  • Click Topic List (at the foot of the widget page) to return to the topic list visible when you initially opened the Help widget.
  • Click Open in a New Window (at the foot of the widget page) to open the complete Help file.

Navigating the Help File

  • The left-hand menu lists all topics covered in the Help file. It also links to the Deployment and Operations Guide, which provides additional documentation for Predictive Routing.
  • The right-hand links take you to the various sections in the current article.
  • The Help page provides a Search box, where you can either search the current manual or all Genesys documentation.

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