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Creating and Managing Accounts, Roles, Users, and Groups

To open the menu where these objects are managed, click the Settings gear icon, located on the right side of the top menu bar: GPMsettingsGear.png.

Start by configuring Accounts.


User profiles



GPR supports the following roles:

  • STAFF - Can configure new accounts and has access to more than one account. STAFF-level users can create, read, update, and delete all objects on the platform, such as, predictors, models and so on. They manage all user roles across all accounts to which they have access, including adding or deleting users, changing user roles, and modifying passwords.
  • ADMIN - Can belong to one account only, but within that account has the same complete access as a STAFF-level user. ADMIN users cannot delete STAFF users or reset STAFF user passwords.
  • REVIEWER - Can belong to one account only. Has view-only access to already-created objects, such as predictors, datasets, models, and so on. REVIEWER-level users can run analysis reports on datasets and predictors, such as Lift Estimation reports and Feature Analysis reports, and view all generated reports, but cannot delete any objects, including reports.


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