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Welcome to the Deployment and Operations Guide

This guide covers the following topics, enabling you to plan, set up, and maintain your Genesys Predictive Routing (GPR) environment. Predictive Routing enables you to match interactions with agents for optimal outcomes.

Looking for something else?

Consult the following guides for other GPR topics:

  • Genesys Predictive Routing Help shows how to use the GPR application and gives in-depth explanations of the following GPR functionality:
    • The Lift Estimation, Feature Analysis, and Agent Variance Reports
    • Agent Profile and Customer Profile schemas
    • Datasets
    • Predictors and Models
    • Accounts, User Management, Password Management, and Auditing
  • Predictive Routing API Reference (Requires a password for access. Please contact your Genesys representative if you need to view this document.)

The home page provides links to the following resources:

  • Release Notes for all GPR components
  • GPR Read Me
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