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System Requirements and Interoperability

Genesys Predictive Routing (GPR) includes several components. This topic provides an overview of the prerequisite hardware and software required to run each component.

It also includes an Interoperability table, showing which versions of the Genesys components required to run an end-to-end GPR solution are compatible.

In addition to the prerequisites noted here, see the Genesys Supported Operating Environment Reference Guide, which provides operating system, database, and browser requirements information for most Genesys products.

The GPR Components: Hardware and Software Requirements

AI Core Services (AICS)

  • Provides the Predictive Routing user interface, the API, and the scoring engine. This component consists of a number of Docker containers deployed from a single IP.
  • You might need an active internet connection to download additional libraries when installing Docker.
  • The GPR uses CentOS 7 as the base Docker image.
  • If you are deploying AICS in an HA architecture, the system clocks on all target servers must be synchronized. You can use Network Time Protocol (NTP) for this.
  • If you are deploying AICS in an HA architecture and running VMWare VXLAN, you might encounter a port conflict between VMWare VXLAN and Docker, both of which require port 4789. If you encounter this issue, Genesys recommends that you use a networking application such as Weave Net to manage networking among Docker containers. For additional information, consult the documentation for the respective products:
  • Agent State Connector (ASC)

    • Connects to Configuration Server (or Configuration Server Proxy) and Stat Server to read real-time updates on agent, agent group, and interaction status. ASC passes these updates to AI Core Services, which connects to your Genesys Routing solution.

    URS Strategy Subroutines/Composer Strategy Subroutines

    • Editable out-of-the-box strategy subroutines to use with your Genesys routing components. Genesys Predictive Routing includes a set of subroutines created for use with Orchestration Server (ORS)/Composer and an analogous set to use with Universal Routing Server (URS)/Interaction Routing Designer (IRD).

    Genesys Reporting Integration

    General Recommendations

    Genesys recommends that you set up at least two instances of Predictive Routing, a test or development instance and a production instance.

    • The production instance runs Predictive Routing applications for both pre-production and production environments.
    • The development instance runs a separate Predictive Routing application used for development and testing of the data collection pipeline.

    System Requirements and Required Components/Versions

    The following table lists the hardware and software requirements that should be in place before starting your deployment.
    AI Core Services
    Hardware/Software Type Requirement Comments

    • CentOS 7 (64 Bit)
    • RHEL 7 (64 Bit)
    • Oracle Enterprise Linux 7.3
    RAM 16Gb  
    CPUs 4 cores minimum  
    Disk space 50GB free space minimum required, 100GB recommended Ideally, the root directory should have at least 50 GB of free space to be used for operating system needs, Docker images, containers, and so on.

    The directory, /datadir, where MongoDB stores data should be on a separate volume with at least 50 GB, with the option to grow as needed.

    Docker docker-ce version 17.03.0 or higher; OR docker-ee 1.13.1 or higher  
    MongoDB version 3.6 (required for version and higher; earlier versions of AI Core Services are compatible with earlier versions of Mongo DB)  
    Load Balancer Depends on your environment AICS ships with NGINX, which can be used as a load balancer in test HA environments. For production HA environments, Genesys advises that you use a specialized load balancer, such as F5.
    Agent State Connector (ASC)
    Hardware/Software Type Requirement Comments

    • CentOS 7 (64 Bit)
    • RHEL 7 (64 Bit)
    • Oracle Linux 7.3
    • Windows Server
    RAM 1 GB  
    Java Java JDK 1.8  
    Configuration Server 8.1.300.26  
    Stat Server Universal Routing Server 8.1.400.42 or higher requires Stat Server or higher
    Message Server—for logging 8.1.300.11
    URS Strategy Subroutines/Composer Strategy Subroutines
    Hardware/Software Type Requirement Comments
    See the Genesys Predictive Routing Sizing Worksheets to calculate the memory and CPU requirements for URS/ORS when using Predictive Routing.    


    For Routing using the URS Strategy Subroutines:

    Hardware/Software Type Requirement Comments
    Universal Routing Server 8.1.400.39 or higher  
    Interaction Routing Designer 8.1.400.26 or higher  

    For Routing using the Composer Strategy Subroutines:

    Hardware/Software Type Requirement Comments
    Universal Routing Server 8.1.400.39 or higher  
    Interaction Routing Designer 8.1.400.26 or higher  
    Orchestration Server 8.1.400.40 or higher  
    Composer 8.1.400.36 or higher  

    The second set of Genesys Routing products enables you to use Composer to manage the routing workflow, but the Composer subroutine acts as a wrapper for the functionality implemented in the URS Strategy Subroutines component.

    Genesys Reporting Integration

    Hardware/Software Type Requirement Comments
    Genesys Predictive Routing 9.0.007 or higher  
    Interaction Concentrator 8.1.5 or higher  
    Genesys Info Mart or higher  
    Reporting and Analytics Aggregates 8.5.002 or higher  
    Genesys Interactive Insights/GCXI 8.5.001 or higher  


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