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Sizing for Premise Deployments

Use Excel worksheet linked below to calculate hardware sizing guidelines for your environment. This sizing guide provides guidelines for simple single-server deployments, single-server HA deployments, and multi-server HA deployments.

How to fill out the Sizing Worksheet

The worksheet includes the following three tabs, all of which should be completed to obtain accurate sizing estimates. Enter the values appropriate for your environment into the appropriate cells. Explanatory cells and those with pre-set values or formulas should not be edited.

  • Assumptions tab - Provides suggestions for hardware requirements for the major platform features.
  • Core Calculations tab - Provides suggestion with regard to contact center-specific metrics, like agent pulls, number of scoring requests per interaction, and so on.
  • Rollout Sizing tab - Calculates the final machine configurations for each role and purpose.

Click here for the worksheet: Predictive Routing Sizing Worksheet


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