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Sizing Guide

Use the Excel worksheet linked below to calculate hardware sizing guidelines for all GPR components in your environment. This sizing guide provides guidelines for simple single-server deployments, single-server HA deployments, and multi-server HA deployments.

How to fill out the Sizing Guide Worksheet

The worksheet includes the following two tabs:

  • Cover, which has version number, copyright, and legal information.
  • GPR Sizing, which has three main sections:
    • Input values/customer sizing data - Enter the appropriate numbers for your environment. This is the only section you should edit.
    • Calculations/outputs - This provides a few key values generated from your input in the first section. Check these first to ensure that you are getting output in line with your expectations for sizing.
    • Hardware requirements - This section contains the detailed sizing recommendations for each component.
    The worksheet provides descriptions for each field to guide you in understanding what should be entered or how to interpret the results. It also includes links that take you directly to relevant pages in this Deployment and Operations Guide.

Click here for the worksheet: Genesys Predictive Routing Sizing Guide

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