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Viewing Dashboards

Use Dashboards to display frequently-viewed charts, graphs, and tables.

Using the Dashboard


To open the Dashboard:

  • Click Dashboard from the top navigation bar.

To add a dashboard:

  • Click the + tab.

Add widgets to your Dashboard


Wherever you see the Dashboard button on the right side of the blue navigation bar:

  • Click the button to display the current view onto the Dashboard.

To rearrange widgets on the Dashboard:

  • Click the 6-dots icon on the top bar of the widget and drag it to the desired location.

To rename or delete a widget:

  • Click the 3 vertical dots icon and select Rename or Delete.

To resize a widget:

  • Click the lower-right corner and drag to the desired size.

Edit a Dashboard


To rename, share, or delete a Dashboard:

  • Click the three vertical dots on your Dashboard's tab.

Rearrange your Dashboard tabs


To change the order of your Dashboard tabs, click the "four-square" icon on the left side of the Dashboard tab and drag it to the desired position.

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