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Running the Voicemail Enabled migration script

If you are updating a Feature Server 8.1.200.xx environment that uses the Feature Server dial plan to Feature Server 8.1.201.xx or later, you must run the vmenabled.py migration script to complete the update.

What the script does

Beginning with Feature Server 8.1.201, the application automatically sets the system value of the Voicemail Enabled call setting to Yes, so any users who have previously set its value to No will find voicemail unexpectedly enabled. The script also sets the values for the corresponding assigned mailboxes to No.

The script applies only to explicitly associated mailboxes (person objects, agent login objects assigned to persons, and DN objects or default places assigned to persons). It does not apply to group mailboxes or dynamic logins, which are logins that occur when an agent uses an agent login on a DN and is temporarily associated with a mailbox assigned to that DN.

The Genesys SIP Feature Server 8.1.x Release Note details other changes to voicemail in Feature Server 8.1.201.

Running the script

To run the vmenabled.py migration script:

  1. Update and start Feature Server.
  2. Locate the script file vmenabled.py in the folder FS installation path\python\util.
  3. Copy the jython-2.7b1.jar file from FS installation path\work\jetty-\webapp\WEB-INF\lib to FS installation path\python\util
  4. Open the console and navigate to the folder FS installation path\python\util. Run these commands:
    • Windows only: set JYTHONPATH=path to python-folder
      Example: set JYTHONPATH=FS installation path\python
      Linux only: export JYTHONPATH=path to python-folder
      Example: export JYTHONPATH=FS installation path/python
    • java -jar jython-2.7b1.jar vmenabled.py
  5. When the script prompts you, enter your Cassandra host name and port.
  6. If the script times out while running, run the script again until it completes.
  7. After the script runs, it provides a list of those users whose voicemail is set to Off but also set to forward calls to voicemail.
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