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Deploy Genesys Pulse

You must deploy matching 5-digit releases of Genesys Pulse and Genesys Pulse Collector.

Refer to the following topics to check prerequisites and perform necessary installation/configuration steps:

  1. Confirm Software requirements.
  2. Prepare the Genesys Pulse Database.
  3. Configure a Third-Party Data Source.
  4. Deploy Genesys Pulse Collector.
  5. Optional: Deploy Cluster Configuration.
  6. Deploy Genesys Pulse.
  7. Optional: Deploy RabbitMQ.
  8. Configure the Stat Server Application object.
  9. Configure User Access.
  10. Logging In
  11. Optional: Configure Multi-Language Environments.
  12. Optional: Configure Embedded DB Server.
  13. Configure System Security.
  14. Optional: Configure links between GAX and Genesys Pulse.
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