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Optional: Configure Pulse Collector with an embedded DB Server

When Genesys Pulse Collector runs an embedded DB Server, Genesys Pulse Collector does not require a separate DB Server instance to connect to the Genesys Pulse DB.

You can enable an embedded DB Server in Genesys Pulse Collector by setting the dbthread option in the [collector] section to yes.

The Database Access Point application object used by Genesys Pulse Collector should have None value specified in DB Server field on General tab.

Software Requirements

Genesys Pulse Collector uses Genesys DB Clients, which require DBMS clients to be installed. Refer to Environment Settings for more information.

You should have the necessary clients installed if the following are true:

  • You had the Genesys DB Server installed on the host with Genesys Pulse Collector.
  • The Genesys DB Server and Genesys Pulse Collector are of the same architecture (32- or 64-bit).

Embedded DB Server configuration options

The embedded DB Server produces its own log messages. To control what goes to the log and where the log should be written add a [log-db] section to collector application options and add all of the options that usually go to the [log] section of Genesys DB Server application.

If there is no [log-db] section specified in collector application options, the embedded DB Server log uses the options found in [log] section, except for the following:

  1. The value for the verbose option is set to standard.
  2. The log is written to the file specified in [log] section, with -db suffix added.


  • In Genesys Pulse Collector release and earlier, Linux deployments running with an embedded DB Server fail to connect to the MS SQL Server database.
  • To connect to an Oracle 12c database, Genesys Pulse Collector release 9.0.000 requires that the Oracle 11.2 client be installed on the same host where Genesys Pulse Collector runs. This limitation is removed starting with release 9.0.001, which permits Genesys Pulse Collector running with an embedded DB Server to connect to an Oracle 12c database without requiring the installation of Oracle 11.2 clients on the host.
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