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Configure a Third-Party Data Source

Are you planning to use only third-party data such as snapshots populated with the REST API? If this is the case, you still need to set up at least one "Dummy" Collector in the Genesys Pulse connections, since options like output folder and output file extension are stored in the Genesys Pulse Collector object.

You need at least one of a Genesys Pulse Collector or a "Dummy" Collector. If you plan to deploy Genesys Pulse Collector, you can skip this step and continue with Deploy Genesys Pulse Collector.

It is simple:

  1. Use the regular Collector template to create the "Dummy" Collector object.
  2. Update the output-folder configuration option in the [transport-file] for your local installation. Set the value to a full path of an existing folder. A relative path is valid only when an actual Collector is used.
  3. If you want to use a remote host to store data, add a new configuration option, external-output-folder, in the [transport-file] section. Make sure you set the value to the full network path of an existing folder.
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