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Optional: Deploy Genesys Pulse Cluster Configuration

For high availability (HA), you must enable HA for each Genesys Pulse Collector instance in the cluster. They are the Primary Genesys Pulse Collectors in HA configuration. To have cluster configuration, perform the following steps:

  1. For each Primary Genesys Pulse Collector, configure a new Genesys Pulse Collector Application object and set it as the Backup Server in the General tab in the options of the Primary Genesys Pulse Collector application. Choose Hot Standby for the Redundancy Type.
  2. For each configured Primary Genesys Pulse Collector, install another collector on different host. This host can be in different data center than the Primary Genesys Pulse Collector if the data centers are connected using a low latency high bandwidth network that uses the Genesys Pulse Collector configuration.
  3. For Genesys Pulse Collector HA configuration starting with release 8.5.104.xx, all Genesys Pulse instances in the cluster must be connected to the Primary Genesys Pulse Collectors.
    You must restart all Genesys Pulse Collector instances and Genesys Pulse instances after changing the configuration.
  4. Review the cluster architecture and sizing information in the Sizing Guide.
  5. Install Genesys Pulse on one node.
  6. Set up two or more Genesys Pulse Collector instances. All instances of Genesys Pulse Collector can be installed on the same node with Genesys Pulse or on any number of remote nodes.
    • If one or more Genesys Pulse Collectors are installed on remote nodes then WebDAV HTTP server should be installed on these nodes too. See the WebDAV server configuration instructions.
      Remotes nodes and Genesys Pulse HA—If there is a second Genesys Pulse node and it is installed on a separate machine then all nodes with Genesys Pulse Collectors are considered remote, because for the second Genesys Pulse node, they are remote.
    • Configure options for Genesys Pulse Collector instances installed on a remote nodes and then restart every Genesys Pulse Collector instance:
      • Set the output-url option in the [transport-webdav] section to
        http://<WebDAV host>/<path to folder with snapshots>
      • Set the heartbeat-url option in the [transport-webdav] section to
        http://<WebDAV host>/<path to heartbeat folder>
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