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Health Check

The Genesys Pulse Web Service API gives you the ability to perform health checks.

See the following responses in /api/plugins/wbrt/health/detail:

  • snapshotWritingStatus — Snapshots are written to a file system, and are generated and written even if external connections are not available. If the connection to Stat Server is not available, data can be displayed as N/A, but snapshots are generated and written.
  • pendingLayoutStatusChangesCount — This is a summary number of pending layouts to activate, deactivate, or recheck. This process depends on the availability of the connection to DB Server:
    • If the connection is present, this value changes as layout activation/deactivation/recheck operations are processed.
    • If the connection is not present, this value does not change.
    Genesys Pulse Collector needs to read changed layouts and new layout definitions, which requires an active connection to DB Server.
  • maxStatisticValueDelay — This value varies depending on the number of layouts, their refresh period, CPU performance, memory availability (no swap operations caused by Genesys Pulse Collector), and performance of the file system.
    There is no expected / recommended value for maxStatisticValueDelay; however, you can expect most layouts to have roughly the same refresh interval. If the value of maxStatisticValueDelay is significantly larger than this interval (for example 25-50% larger), consider increasing resources. Genesys Pulse Collector can perform better if it runs with a sufficient number of processing threads and fast drive/file system on which to store snapshots.

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