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Quick Widget Updates

Genesys Pulse supports quick updates only for CurrentStatus and ExtendedCurrentState statistics to prevent a high performance load this causes on Stat Server and Genesys Pulse.

You are responsible to validate that your environment can handle the load in production caused by quick updates.

You can do Quick Updates using one of the following modalities:

  • Quick Widget Updates and Advanced Alerting Capabilities require independent instances of Aeron Media Driver. Make sure that values of the Genesys Pulse Collector options driver-directory and endpoints do not interfere with settings of Aeron Media Driver used by Advanced Alerting services.
  • Advanced Alerting services support Aeron transport only. Note: For the successful usage of the embedded Aeron transport you do not need to implement Advanced Alerting services.

Aeron Transport

Starting with release 9.0, Genesys Pulse Collector includes Aeron transport.
Starting with release 9.0.001, Aeron transport is supported on Windows.

Aeron transport can be used, when Genesys Pulse and Genesys Pulse Collector are installed on the same host, by specifying options in the transport-aeron section of your Genesys Pulse Collector application. You will need to restart Genesys Pulse Collector and Genesys Pulse to apply configuration changes.

  • Aeron transport can be enabled only if each Genesys Pulse instance in your configuration is connected to Genesys Pulse Collector installed on the same host. No additional software installation is needed.
  • Genesys strongly recommends to put the Aeron driver folder on the local drive. The Aeron driver folder on the network share can cause Genesys Pulse Collector to crash.
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