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Aeron Media Driver


The Aeron Media Driver is a separate process that provides buffers of data for Aeron to process from various transmission media. It decouples the means of data transmission from protocol processing.

Microservices require the driver to operate with Aeron. The Aeron Media Driver is not deployed as a separate package. It is included as a part of each microservice that have to work with the Aeron. The Aeron Media Driver executable is located inside the StatServer Data Provider directory (microservices/StatServerDataProvider/aeron-driver/bin/) or inside the Formula Processor directory (microservices/FormulaProcessor/aeron-driver/bin/). Despite the fact that the driver is a part of each service, only one driver instance is required for each host.

The Aeron Media Driver is implemented in Java and requires Java version 1.8.0 or newer.

How to Run Aeron Media Driver

To run the Aeron Media Driver as a foreground process, use the script provided with the driver. The script uses the default configuration for the driver.

[+] 9.0.001+ release

[+] 9.0.000 release

Run as a Service on Windows

To create a Windows service, perform the following steps:

[+] Steps for release 9.0.001+

[+] Steps for release 9.0.000

Run as a Service on Linux

Create a separate systemd service configuration file for the Aeron Media Driver service.
For example, create systemd service configuration file /etc/systemd/system/pulse-aeron-media-driver.service with the following content:

  • 9.0.001+ release:
    Description=Pulse Aeron Media Driver
  • 9.0.000 release:
    Description=Pulse Aeron Media Driver

You can use systemctl(1) to manage these services. Type man systemctl for more information.

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