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Change Object Names

You may want a different name for an object in your Genesys Pulse dashboard that works best for your business needs. You can assign a different display name or nickname to Genesys Pulse objects, such as queues, DN groups, agents, or VAGs.

Change the default option


In order to use a custom name, you need to set the value of the specific object type option to %CustomName% in the Genesys Pulse Collector [object-name-format] section.

In this example, we set up a custom name for the system Virtual Queues by setting the VirtACDQueue option to %CustomName%.

Set the display name


Once you have set the object option to %CustomName%, you need to add the custom name in the Annex properties tab of the relevant objects.

In this example, instead of displaying the default value Billing_Gold (as shown in the header bar), Genesys Pulse displays Billing Gold in the widgets. If you do not use the display_name option in the [pulse] section, the default value of the object is displayed (Billing_Gold).

Restart Genesys Pulse Collector

You must restart Genesys Pulse Collector to apply the changes.

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