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Section: auth
Default Value: " "
Valid Values: " ", wfm
Changes Take Effect: After restart
Dependencies: See Important note in this option

Specifies the provider that performs authentication when users log in to WFM.

If this option value is set to:

  • " " (empty string)—A legacy, WFM proprietary mechanism is used to authenticate user access to the WFM Web for Supervisors (Classic) interface.
  • wfm—An internal WFM implementation of authentication is used to provide user access to the WFM Supervisor interface.


Section: Functionality
Default Value: false
Valid Values: true, false
Changes Take Effect: Immediately
Dependencies: [auth] provider configuration

Specifies whether or not the New UI setting displays in the WFM Web for Supervisors (Classic) interface, providing user access to the latest Forecast user interface (UI).

If this option value is set to true, the New UI setting displays in the Supervisors (Classic) UI. If this option value is set to false, the New UI setting is not visible in the Supervisors (classic) UI.

AI-Powered Forecasting in WFM

As of April 8, 2022, the AI-powered Forecasting feature is deprecated in Genesys Multicloud CX and Genesys Engage on-premises deployments. For more information, see Deprecation: AI Forecasting.

Workforce Management (WFM) features AI-powered forecasting, which is a sophisticated build method that leverages best practices in data science and the industry. Use this automated method to build volumes and AHT forecasts using the best-of-best forecasting algorithms provided by Genesys Cloud.

When AI-powered forecasting is enabled, WFM reads the historical data and sends it to Genesys Cloud where it calculates the forecast using the AI-powered method and its algorithms. Once completed, Genesys Cloud sends the forecast back to WFM, where the historical data is retained in the WFM database—it is not saved in Genesys Cloud.

The latest WFM Supervisors Forecast UI is supported in Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox browsers only. All other modules in the WFM Supervisors UI are supported in Microsoft Internet Explorer only.

Enabling the feature

Starting in WFM 8.5.214, AI forecasting is readily available in the latest WFM Supervisors Forecast UI. To enable the UI, set the [Functionality] NewSupervisor configuration option value to true. Some configuration is also required to enable access to the AI-Powered Forecasting service in Genesys Cloud. See the procedures below, noting that adding a proxy server is optional.

Enabling access to AI-Powered Forecasting service

Purpose: To enable WFM access to the AI forecasting service in Genesys Cloud.

Prerequisites: You have placed an order (with the appropriate part number) for the AI Forecasting feature and have obtained your Org ID for Genesys Cloud. For more information, see "How to order" in Genesys Forecasting.

If you need assistance with placing an order, contact your Genesys Professional Services representative.

The purecloud.upload_uri option described in this procedure is available only in WFM Server 8.5.215 and later releases.

Start of Procedure

  1. In Genesys Administrator, open the WFM Web and WFM Server Applications and set the [auth] provider configuration option value to wfm.
  2. Obtain client access to Genesys Cloud. See Create an OAuth client.
    • For the Grant Type, choose Client Credentials.
    • Choose a role with the following privileges. If it doesn't exist, create it:
      • wfm:adhocForecast:add
      • wfm:adhocForecast:view
  3. In Genesys Administrator, specify the AI Forecasting provider in all WFM Server Applications, by configuring the following options:
    • In the [ForecastService] section: bob_provider = purecloud
    • In the Annex tab, create the [providers] section and add the following options and values:
      • purecloud.auth_uri = https://login.mypurecloud.com
      • purecloud.base_uri = https://api.mypurecloud.com/api/v2
      • purecloud.upload_uri = https://apps.mypurecloud.com
      • purecloud.client_id = <client-id>
      • purecloud.client_secret = <client-secret>
    For <client-id> and <client-secret>, use the ones obtained from Genesys Cloud. See step 9 in Create an OAuth client. Also, be sure to use the correct region for all _uri options. For example, it might be mypurecloud.de, rather than mypurecloud.com.
  4. Save the configuration.

End of Procedure

Next Steps:

Enabling access through Proxy Servers

WFM Server must have access to the internet to enable AI-powered forecasting. Use this procedure if the servers in your environment cannot access the internet directly, but required access through a proxy server.

This procedure is optional. Genesys has not tested all Proxy Server combinations and does not support a specific one.

Purpose: To enable WFM servers access to the internet through a proxy server.

Start of Procedure

  1. In the WFM Server Application, configure the following options in the [Client] configuration section:
    • proxyHost = <proxy-host>
    • proxyPort = <proxy-port>
    • proxyUsername = <username>
    • proxyPassword = <password>
    • nonProxyHosts = <A regular expression defining hosts for which the proxy should be bypassed>
      For example, localhost|127\.0\.0\.1|192\.168\.0\.\d+
  2. Save the configuration.

End of Procedure

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