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High Availability

Workforce Management (WFM) components support high availability (HA) implementations (or do not), as described in this topic.

WFM component HA type Description
WFM Server warm standby Configure WFM Server as a primary/backup pair and if the primary server goes down, the client servers (WFM Web, WFM Data Aggregator, and WFM Builder) can connect to the backup WFM Server, acting as primary. See Connect to Backup WFM Server.
WFM Data Aggregator hot standby Install a second Data Aggregator server as a backup and configure it to take over automatically if the primary server goes down.

The backup reads the same information as the primary Data Aggregator, so if it is necessary to switch to the backup, there is no delay or loss of data. At the transition, the backup Data Aggregator simply starts writing to the database, beginning where the primary Data Aggregator left off.

WFM Server (ETL) not supported Only one instance of Server (ETL) is allowed.
WFM Builder not applicable You can connect WFM servers to any number of WFM Builder instances. In this configuration, which acts as an HA and load balancing implementation, the request and response between WFM Server and Builder works as follows:
  • WFM Server sends an IS ALIVE request to all of the WFM Builder instances in it's connections.
  • All WFM Builder instances that are ALIVE and/or FREE (not running schedules) send a response.
  • WFM Server then sends build requests only to those WFM Builder instances.
WFM Daemon not supported Only one instance of WFM Daemon is allowed. Having more than one instance of WFM Daemon in an environment causes issues, such as duplicate notifications and missing or duplicate scheduled reports.
WFM Web not applicable WFM Web is not a server, but is an application that runs a servlet. However, you can implement HA by introducing a front-end web server/load balancing into your environment.
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