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Using Log Files to Troubleshoot WFM

Workforce Management log files are intended to be used for diagnosis of configuration and program errors. They should not be used in normal day-to-day operation because they slow WFM performance.

If you contact Genesys Customer Care for assistance with WFM, you might be instructed to turn on logging and attempt to re-create the problem. The logs can provide Technical Support with important information on the nature of the malfunction.

Each component of WFM uses its own log file, which you can view with any ASCII viewer, such as Notepad. By default, the WFM log files are stored in \\<Workforce Management directory>\Logs. For information about configuring logs, see the Log option information for each component’s Options tab.

If WFM Data Aggregator fails to start, it writes a message to the daerror.log file, which is located in the WFM Data Aggregator working directory. Use this log file to diagnose the problem that prevented WFM Data Aggregator from starting correctly.

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