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About Workforce Management

Genesys Workforce Management (WFM) provides a sophisticated package of contact-center management tools, enabling contact center managers to better manage their workforce. It is designed for the true multi-media, multi-site environment, providing optimal schedules for multi-skilled agents who may handle customer interactions of different media types. Agent preferences, skills, proficiency, customer segmentation, historical trends, such as email response times, and outbound call lengths are all considered within the forecast, schedule, and adherence components.

WFM is designed to integrate with the Framework components of the Genesys Customer Interaction Management Platform and Genesys Routing. Key functionality is presented through a web interface, which increases its accessibility and flexibility.

Agents and their skill sets are entered and maintained in Genesys Administrator, so there is no need to re-enter this information in a stand-alone workforce management application. This integration also allows contact centers to leverage real-time statistics, contact-center performance, and agent adherence data across all communication channels.

Workforce Management consists of the following components:

  • WFM Web (with separate interfaces for Supervisors and Agents)
  • WFM Server
  • WFM Daemon
  • WFM Builder
  • WFM Data Aggregator
  • WFM Database Utility (includes the Backup-Restore Utility)

WFM also requires a database to store all the relevant configuration, forecasting, scheduling, agent adherence, performance, and historical data.

WFM Configuration Utility is discontinued and no longer supported. Functionality that was previously in this component is now in WFM Web.

Find a high-level description of Workforce Management in the Overview and subtopics.

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