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Genesys Workforce Management (WFM) is a strategic asset in advancing your goals of providing the highest-quality customer service for the best value. In today’s contact center, interactions take a multitude of forms, and agents may have a broad variety of skills. WFM creates forecasts and schedules for multi-skilled agents who are handling interactions in a variety of media, as well as for a more traditional single-skilled agent pool handling mostly voice interactions.

WFM enables Supervisors to create proposed future schedules, Agents to bid on those schedules, and Supervisors to integrate the bids into real schedules.

WFM enables agents to request time off and specific working hours, and also to trade schedules with other agents, without sacrificing optimal staffing levels. Flexible agent scheduling can help improve agent retention, resulting in fewer new hires who require training before they can become effective promoters of your business.

WFM provides real-time contact-center performance and agent-adherence monitoring. You can immediately adjust the number of agents working on a specific activity if you see that the service-level statistics for that activity have fallen out of the acceptable range. Or, if the service levels are more than satisfactory, you can encourage agents to spend additional time up-selling new products, move them to another activity, or even give them time off.

The next few topics provide a high-level overview of the WFM features and functions. In New in 8.5 Releases |ReadMe, you will find recent additions and changes to WFM functionality that may be of particular interest to those migrating from an earlier release of Genesys WFM.

The information in this Administrator's Guide:

  • Is valid only for the 8.5 release(s) of this product.
  • Introduces the product, lists important features, and presents the WFM architecture.
  • Offers deployment-planning recommendations and considerations.
  • Explains how to configure and install the Workforce Management (WFM) components.
  • Explains how to start and stop all components.
  • Explains how to use the WFM Backup-Restore Utility (BRU).
  • Provides troubleshooting suggestions.
  • Includes a list of WFM-specific terms and their definitions.

The Genesys Glossary, which provides a comprehensive list of the Genesys and computer-telephony integration (CTI) terminology and acronyms used in this document.

Other topics of interest

Important WFM Features

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