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Recommended sizing for WFM sites

For optimal performance, it is recommended to keep the size of each workforce management (WFM) site to 5,000 agents or less. It is more favorable to configure an overall environment consisting of multiple smaller sites rather than a single or few larger sites. Keeping site size to 5,000 agents or less helps ensure WFM continues to operate at optimal performance, even during the peak periods.

In WFM, site is a modular entity used as a whole by WFM components for the majority of operations. In many cases site is also a scalability entity, for example Data Aggregator operates over WFM site and it’s possible to assign dedicated Data Aggregators to different sites for scalability and performance leveling purpose. However it’s not possible to assign multiple Data Aggregators to operate over a single site.

When supervisors operate over multiple sites (for example, when supervisors select multiple Sites in the UI for time-off approvals), the performance improvement from using smaller sites is still present. This is because each time-off request during granting will evaluate against the limits of its site objects, which for a configuration consisting of four sites will be four different objects, each with a smaller number of calculations since each site will have fewer agents and activities.

Querying several smaller sites is cheaper from a WFM server and database management system (DBMS) communications perspective. For instance, building a schedule for 20,000 agents in one go will be more resource-consuming, longer, and heavier task than doing such a calculation for four sites each with 5,000 agents.

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