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In the Column List:

  • P = Primary key
  • M = Mandatory field
  • F = Foreign key (where the term is used loosely to indicate a surrogate key reference to a field in another table, not a formal constraint)
  • DV = Default value



Introduced: 8.5.0

In partitioned databases, this table is not partitioned.

This table contains a record of the activities that the user encountered while the call was being processed by the Application. A new row is added for each activity. The same columns and column descriptions apply to other AGT_SDR_ACTIVITY_* tables.

  • This document shows table information because it is more informative than view information. However, directly querying tables is not supported; perform your queries on views.
  • This document shows the HOUR structure for each table, as an example. For each table, the same structure is used for SUBHR through YEAR views.
  • Where referenced, IRF resources include:
    • Handling resources (such as self-service IVR ports, agents, or non-agent-associated DNs)
    • Mediation resources (such as a non-self-service IVR ports, voice treatment ports, ACD queues, routing points, and so forth) where the interaction ends in mediation before being distributed to a handling resource.
  • IRF is an abbreviation for the INTERACTION_RESOURCE_FACT table.
  • MSF is an abbreviation for the MEDIATION_SEGMENT_FACT table.
To assist you in preparing supplementary documentation, click the following link to download a comma-separated text file containing information such as the data types and descriptions for all columns in this table: Download a CSV file.

Hint: For easiest viewing, open the downloaded CSV file in Excel and adjust settings for column widths, text wrapping, and so on as desired. Depending on your browser and other system settings, you might need to save the file to your desktop first.

Column List


Column Data Type P M F DV
DATE_TIME_KEY integer X -1
COMPLETED integer -1
ACTIVITIES integer -1
DURATION integer -1
AGR_SET_KEY integer X X


Introduced: Release 9.0.011
The surrogate key that is used to join this aggregate table to the DATE_TIME dimension table to identify the calendar date and 15-minute interval at which the caller's participation in the interaction began.


The surrogate key that is used to join the SDR_ACTIVITY dimension to the fact tables.


Introduced: Release 9.0.011
The total number of activities that were completed during the reporting interval.


Introduced: Release 9.0.011
The key that is used to join the SDR_CALL_DISPOSITION dimension to the fact tables.


Introduced: Release 9.0.011
The total number of activities that began during the reporting interval.


Introduced: Release 9.0.011
The total amount of time (in seconds) spent in Designer applications during the reporting period.


The surrogate key that is used to join this aggregate table to the AGR_SET table.

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