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Provisioning Functionality

This section contains procedures that demonstrate how to configure frequently used Interaction Workspace functionality. Many of the procedures in this section are applicable to more than one privilege. For example, the procedure, Provisioning Interaction Workspace for the Voice Channel provides the general principles for connecting to a media channel. You can create a configuration that is segmented by tenants or groups. Instead of creating your configurations at the Environment level, assign the settings of each Interaction Workspace module to a tenant, agent group, or agent. For more information, see Configuration And Administration By Using Options And Annexes. The following task table provides an overview of how to configure agents to use Interaction workspace. Refer to Framework 8.0 Genesys Administrator Help and Genesys Security Guide for detailed information on how to use Genesys Administrator and Management Framework to configure access permissions

Configuring Agents to Use Interaction Workspace


Related Procedure and Actions

Set up agents on the system
Enable internal and external communications
Enable agents to view KPIs and contact center statistics
Enable agents to manage contacts
Modify a routing strategy to override Interaction Workspace options, based on attached data
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