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Main View Options

Main view


  • Default Value: true
  • Valid Values: true, false
  • Changes take effect: When the application is started or restarted.
  • Description: Enables the docking feature of the Main Window. If this option is set to true, the Main Window can be docked to the top or the bottom of the display. If this option is set to false, the Main Window is not dockable.


  • Default Value: $Window.Title$
  • Valid Values: $Window.Title$,$Application.Title$,$Application.Name$,$Agent.UserName$,$Agent.LastName$,$Agent.FirstName$,$Agent.EmployeeId$
  • Changes take effect: Immediately.
  • Description: Defines the title of the Main Window that appears in the Windows Task Bar by specifying a string that contains the following field codes:
    $Window.Title$,$Application.Title$,$Application.Name$,$Agent.UserName$, $Agent.LastName$,$Agent.FirstName$,$Agent.EmployeeId
    If all field codes are empty, the following field codes are used:
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