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Routing Blocks

These blocks specify where the call should be routed when certain conditions are met.

You might not see all of the blocks listed here on your Palette. The blocks shown depend on the features that are enabled and the type of application that is being built. For example, the Route Digital block is only available for Digital application types.

Des palette routing.png

Use the links below to learn more about each block.

Query VQs

Queries virtual queues and assigns their Estimated Wait Times.

Used in: Initialization, Assisted Service

Route Agent

Specifies routing to a particular agent.

Used in: Assisted Service

Route Call

Specifies routing to an agent based on various criteria.

Used in: Assisted Service

Start Treatment

Plays uninterrupted audio to callers while their call is being routed.

Used in: Assisted Service

Voice Mail

Routes calls to voicemail.

Used in: Assisted Service


Transfers a call to another destination.

Used in: Self Service

Route Digital

(Digital application types only) Routes a multimedia interaction to a target.

Used in: Assisted Service

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