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Genesys Designer Quick Start Guide

Welcome to the Genesys Designer Quick Start Guide.

This guide introduces you to key concepts and shows you how to create your first application in Genesys Designer. You will read about the following topics:

  • Developing Your First Application - This page guides you through the creation of a simple voice application and helps to explain some basic concepts about Designer.
  • Application Phases - This page provides more details about the phases of a Designer application (Initialize, Self Service, Assisted Service, and Finalize).
  • Saving and Publishing Your Application - This page provides more information about the process for saving and publishing your applications.
  • Tips and Tricks - This page provides a handy collection of tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Designer applications.
  • Bonus Example - Are you up for a challenge? This page provides a more in-depth example of a Designer application. You will learn how to use features such as Shared Modules and Segmentation blocks.
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