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Tips and Tricks


Block Actions

  • Hover over a block to expose icons that allow you to interact with the block.
Des tips blockactions.png
  • As your application grows, you might want to rename blocks to describe which function they provide. For example, if you have several Play Message blocks, you might want to rename each one to describe which message they play. To do so, hover over a block and click the pencil icon to edit the block name.
  • You can drag and drop blocks around the Application Flow to change the order in which they execute. You can also click the up and down arrows to move their position within the Application Flow.
  • Click the trash icon to delete the block.

Parent/Child Blocks

  • Some blocks might have several child blocks. In the parent block, you can click ^ or v to hide or expand the list of child blocks.
Des tips childblocks.png
  • Be careful when manipulating a parent block, as your action might also affect its child blocks. For example, if you delete a parent block, all of its child blocks are also deleted.

Shared Modules

  • Do you often use a common structure in your applications? Instead of building this common structure in each application, you can define a shared module to host the common structure. Then you can simply use the Shared Module block to place this common structure in each application. If you make a change to the shared module, each application receives the update instantly.
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