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What is it?

Designer Analytics is a powerful tool that gives you deeper insight into how your applications are being managed on the platform. It features a series of dashboards, each of which offers rich visualizations and in-depth reporting panels that highlight specific aspects of your operations.

Key features:

  • Almost real-time reporting means that as soon as an application session ends, Designer Analytics can start using the data to build reports.
  • 90-day data retention, so you can see how your applications are performing over time.
  • Customization options, so you can change how the panels are displayed.
  • Advanced filtering options, so you can focus on the data you want to see.

What can it do?

Designer Analytics provides a rich overview of your contact center operations. It lets you track calling trends, monitor how callers are interacting with the applications, and quickly notice and react to any potential issues with the applications or system platform.

It answers questions like:

  • How long are callers waiting to speak with an agent?
  • How many calls did we get yesterday? Last week? Last month?
  • How many callers are taking our survey?
  • Are callers navigating ok? Are they getting stuck anywhere?
  • What percentage of our calls are from North America? Europe? Asia?

The Analytics dashboards not only provide useful information about your callers, they can also help you maximize productivity and make your call flows more efficient.

Go to the Dashboards page to learn more about the different types of dashboards.

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