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Business Controls

The Business Controls pages enable you to manage resources and settings that are specific to your site or business, such as Emergency Flags, Business Hours, Special Days, and Data Tables. Any changes made on these pages are immediately applied to your applications and modules—you do not have to update each application or module.

Learn more about:

Emergency Flags

Check for and react to an emergency condition.

Business Hours

Specify when your business is open or closed.

Special Days

Create holidays and other special days.

Data Tables

Create and manage data tables.

Callback Settings

Business Controls is also where you can manage the settings for Callback V2 (if applicable to your environment).

When you add or modify the Special Days or Business Hours for a callback virtual queue, Designer stores the values for each virtual queue in a system-defined data table called CALLBACK_SETTINGS. You can then manage the settings for each callback virtual queue by editing its related row in the table.

For more information about Callback, see the Callback V2 blocks page.

The CALLBACK_SETTINGS data table contains default values for parameters that are not set in Business Controls or by the Callback V2 blocks.
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