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Record Utterance block

Use this block to capture a voice recording of the caller. You can then use the HTTP REST block to send the recording to an external API, or play it back using the Play Message block.

This block can only be used in the Self Service phase of an application. After the Self Service phase is completed, the recording is no longer available.

Prompts tab

Click Add Prompt to specify the prompts that will be played to the caller.

Select Prompts must finish completely before users can provide input to prevent users from responding to the prompt before it has finished.

Select Play a beep tone prior to recording to indicate that recording is about to begin.

You can also specify a timeout value to indicate how long Designer should wait for the user to provide a voice input before moving to the next block.

Des record utterance prompts.png

Advanced tab

Specify how many seconds of recording to capture by setting the minimum and maximum duration values. The default duration is 10 seconds.

You can also specify a timeout value to indicate many seconds of silence should pass before recording stops. The default value is 2 seconds.

Select Use any DTMF keypress to stop recording to allow users to stop the the recording with any key press.

Des record utterance advanced.png

Retry tab

Enable Use application-wide retry to use the default retry settings specified in your application settings.

If you disable Use application-wide retry, you can enable Allow Retries to use the standard input retries if no input was detected during recording.

Results tab

Specify the variables that will store the recording and its details.

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