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SIP Cluster Components

The SIP Cluster includes several core and supporting components:

  • SIP Server provides the hardware-to-software interface for calls.
  • SIP Proxy acts as SIP registrar and hides the SIP Server infrastructure from SIP endpoints.
  • SIP Feature Server handles voicemail, provides the user interface for configuring and using dial plans.
  • Stat Server provides support for the reporting of interactions in the cluster environment.
  • Historical Reporting in the SIP Cluster solution provides detailed data, analytics, and reports about activity in your entire contact center, through use of several Genesys products:
    • Interaction Concentrator
    • Genesys Info Mart
    • Reporting and Analytics Aggregates (RAA)
    • Genesys Interactive Insights (GI2)
  • Web Services and Applications (GWS) is a set of REST APIs and user interfaces that provide a web-based client interface to access Genesys services. Workspace Web Edition is the required desktop for this solution. The Genesys softphone or a Genesys supported SIP hardphone can be used for voice interactions with the agent. The agent can log into any data center as he or she is effectively logging into a single switch.
  • Outbound Contact is an automated system that is used to create, modify, and run outbound dialing campaigns/dialing sessions in which agents interact with customers.
  • Genesys Mobile Services (GMS) controls and exposes the Genesys API functionality to external applications by REST APIs, and provides critical callback services.
  • Genesys Interaction Recording is a call recording solution, screen capture, and Quality Monitoring (QM) tool utilized to store, manage, and playback recorded voice conversations and screen captures, as well as provide quality assurance.

See Client connections in SIP Cluster and the diagram that illustrates component connectivity in the SIP Cluster.

What is a SIP Cluster Node

A SIP Cluster node instance is a set of components running on a computer host. An HA pair of SIP Cluster instances forms a SIP Cluster node, which represents a scalable unit of the SIP Cluster.

Reference configuration of the SIP Cluster node contains the following components:

  • SIP Server
  • URS
  • ORS
  • Stat Server
  • Interaction Concentrator

All components are deployed with corresponding redundancy. To increase call process capacity, deploy several SIP Cluster nodes.

Minimum Recommended Versions

The following table lists the components and their minimum recommended versions that are part of the SIP Cluster solution.

Component Name Minimum Recommended Version
Genesys Info Mart
Genesys Interactive Insights
Genesys Mobile Services
GVP Media Control Platform
GVP Resource Manager
Interaction Concentrator 8.1.514.10
Management Framework 8.5.1+
Orchestration Server 8.1.400.67
Outbound Contact Server 8.1.509.06
SIP Feature Server
SIP Proxy
SIP Server
Stat Server
Universal Routing Server 8.1.400.45
Web Services and Applications
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