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SIP Cluster solution is under restricted availability. Contact Product Management for more information.

Before configuring your SIP Cluster environment, you must complete the following tasks:

  1. Plan and set up the required hardware and network to serve the size, features, and distribution of your data and call centers. Review requirements below.
  2. Deploy Genesys Management Framework. Genesys recommends deploying Framework for Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity scenarios. Ensure that application components use Configuration Server Proxy in the given data center, instead of the master Configuration Server, to obtain their configuration.
  3. Deploy Genesys Administrator Extension.
  4. Deploy and configure all required supported applications and any optional supported applications you have selected.

OS Requirements

Linux and Windows are supported operating systems for the SIP Cluster environment.

Java Requirements

See topics of the respective components that use Java JDK for detailed information on its configuration.

Cassandra Requirements

SIP Cluster requires that your environment includes Cassandra 2 or later. Genesys recommends Cassandra version 2.2. See topics of the respective components that use Cassandra for detailed information on its configuration.

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