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About SIP Cluster

SIP Cluster solution is under restricted availability. Contact Product Management for more information.

The SIP Cluster solution provides maintenance simplicity for the large Genesys deployments by treating multiple SIP Servers as a single system across multiple locations and by distributing call and Agent/DN state processing among SIP Cluster nodes. The cluster is geographically aware and can maintain the geographical integrity of calls. Once a call is assigned to a SIP Server node, it is maintained exclusively by that node.

When running in a cluster mode, SIP Server processes calls independently from Agent/DN state processing, meaning that a call might be handled on one SIP Server instance while an Agent/DN state is maintained on another SIP Server instance.

The SIP Proxy layer—between Session Border Controllers (SBC) and SIP Servers—load balances an inbound traffic by distributing calls to available SIP Server nodes in a data center. Agent/DN state ownership by a SIP Cluster node enables each node to maintain a subset of Agent/DN states.

Key Features

  • Configuration simplicity
    SIP Cluster one-switch architecture simplifies maintenance procedures as well as it allows adding new SIP Server applications to the cluster with minimal configuration changes.
  • Architecture transparent to clients
    Devices connect and register to the SIP Cluster (through SIP Proxy), instead of to a particular node in the network.
  • Business Continuity
    Build a more robust network, with work area redundancy, provision a solution with build-in business continuity attributes, and graceful migration.
  • Solution integration
    SIP Cluster integrates with most other Genesys systems and solutions, including:
    • Historical Reporting (Interaction Concentrator, Genesys Info Mart, and Genesys Interactive Insights)
    • Genesys Voice Platform for IVR and media treatments
    • Genesys Interaction Recording
    • Outbound Contact Server
    • Digital Solutions (Chat, Email, SMS, etc.)

More about SIP Cluster

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