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Deploying SIP Cluster

SIP Cluster solution is under restricted availability. Contact Product Management for more information.

The SIP Cluster for Premise deployments typically involve two or more data centers in geographically distinct locations. Some components are designed to operate in a geo-dispersed manner while others need to be deployed in more traditional local or disaster recover modes. The Cluster deployment involves several different areas or layers of functionality. The following diagram depicts those deployment layers.

Cluster Deployment Layers (click to expand)

Task Summary

The following task summary provide an overview of the steps that are required to deploy the SIP Cluster solution:

  1. Complete prerequisites, including planning, hardware, and installation of Management Framework software and supported applications.
  2. Plan and configure DNS records.
  3. Verify that you have the required minimum Genesys component versions.
  4. Configure Genesys Voice Platform components.
  5. Configure Switch and DN objects.
  6. Configure the cluster core components:
  7. Configure Virtual Queue (VQ) components:
  8. Deploy the supported applications that you selected during the planning stage, which might include:
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