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Voice Platform Resource Manager 8.5.x Release Note

This Release Note applies to all 8.5.x and above releases of Voice Platform Resource Manager. Links in the Available Releases section enable you to access information regarding a specific release.

For information about 8.1.x releases of Voice Platform Resource Manager, see the cumulative 8.1.x Release Note.

Available Releases

Releases are listed by version number rather than in date order. For this reason, a recent release may be listed after earlier releases, if the version number is lower. Except when otherwise noted in the information for a specific release, each release includes all of the features and corrections that were introduced for the applicable operating system at earlier dates, regardless of the version numbering.

The operating systems available for use with each component release are listed in the table at a high level only. For more detailed information about the supported operating environments, including requirements, supported versions, and any conditions or limitations, see the Genesys Voice Platform page in the Genesys Supported Operating Environment Reference Guide.

You can find Release Notes for particular releases of Voice Platform Resource Manager at the following links:

Release 8.5.1:

Release Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows 02/19/18 Hot Fix X X 01/22/18 General X X 10/06/17 Hot Fix X 09/15/17 General X X 06/30/17 Hot Fix X 06/09/17 General X X 05/15/17 General Unavailable X X 03/03/17 Hot Fix X 01/30/17 General X X 12/20/16 Hot Fix X 09/27/16 General X X 06/16/16 General X X 02/05/16 Hot Fix X 01/13/16 Hot Fix X 12/18/15 Hot Fix X 11/17/15 Hot Fix X 08/28/15 General X X 07/01/15 Hot Fix X 06/01/15 Hot Fix X 05/22/15 General X X 03/23/15 General X X 02/11/15 Hot Fix X 12/18/14 General X X 09/26/14 General X X 09/19/14 General X X 07/15/14 General X X

Release 8.5.0:

Release Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows 07/25/14 Hot Fix X 05/05/14 Hot Fix X 03/10/14 Hot Fix X 01/20/14 Hot Fix X 12/20/13 General X X

Discontinued Support

This section documents features that are no longer supported in this software. This cumulative list is in release-number order with the most recently discontinued features at the top of the list. For more information on discontinued support for operating environments and databases, see Discontinued Support in the Genesys Supported Operating Environment Reference Guide.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 support is discontinued as of release

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 4 support is discontinued as of release 8.5.0.

Windows Server 2003 support is discontinued as of release 8.5.0.

Link to Known Issues

The Known Issues and Recommendations section is a cumulative list for all 8.5.x releases of the product. It includes information on when individual items were found and, if applicable, corrected. The Corrections and Modifications section for each release may list additional issues that were corrected without first being documented as Known Issues.

You can find information about Known Issues and Recommendations that apply to some 8.5 releases of Voice Platform Resource Manager, including the issues that are specific to Localized (International) releases, at the following links:

Additional Information

Additional information on Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. is available on our Customer Care website.

The following documentation contains information about this software. See also the Genesys Documentation website.

Product documentation is provided on the Customer Care website, the Genesys Documentation website, and the Documentation Library DVD (produced monthly).

Note: For the DVD, the New Documents on this DVD page indicates the production date for that disc. Due to disc production schedules, documentation on the Genesys Documentation website may be more up-to-date than what is available on disc immediately after a product is released or updated. To determine the version of a document, check the version number that is located on the second page in PDFs or on the About This File topic in Help files.

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