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Genesys Customer Experience Insights Release Notes

Genesys Customer Experience Insights is part of 9.x starting in
This Release Note describes Genesys CX Insights, which is released as Genesys CX Insights
Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Mac Solaris Windows
07/01/21 General X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Changes to default user — The default user in all images is now genesys (id = 500). In previous releases, the default user was root. As a result, when you upgrade an existing deployment from release or earlier, you must either change the ownership of relevant folders, or instruct Docker/Kubernetes to run under root, otherwise you will encounter errors due to volume mount permission settings. For more information, see About the default user. (GCXI-5068)
  • IP Updates — The following components are no longer included in the Installation Package: (GCXI-5065)
    • Genesys Customer Experience Insights DB — This container was used in demo / docker-compose scenarios. The functionality is now found in the main GCXI container (see comments in the docker-compose.yaml file from the IP).
    • Genesys Customer Experience Insights Authentication — This component was used for Genesys Auth support and never used in on-premise deployments.
    • Genesys Customer Experience Insights Internal API — All functions of this seldom-used component are moved to the main GCXI container.
  • Base Image Upgrade — Genesys CX Insights containers are now UBI8. (GCXI-4947)
  • Miscellaneous updates:
    • Support for Elasticsearch 7.6 (GCXI-4886)
    • Support for PostgreSQL 12 database. See the Genesys Customer Experience Insights page in the Supported Operating Environment Reference for more detailed information and a list of all supported databases. Note that, for new installations of release 100.0.020 and later, PostgreSQL 12 is required for the meta database. If you upgrade an existing deployment to release 100.0.020 or later, it will continue to work with existing PostreSQL releases. (GCXI-4886)

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

The ANI Details Dashboard > Top Callers tab now correctly lists the 50 callers with the largest number of interactions. Previously, the sort order was inverted, and the callers with the smallest number of interactions were listed. (GCXI-5075)

The Interaction ID prompt now works correctly. Previously, in scenarios where GCXI was upgraded from release to release, the Interaction ID prompt failed in many reports, including Transfer Detail Report, Interaction Handling Attempt Report, and Interaction Flow Report. (GCXI-5071)

Vertical table grids now appear correctly in custom reports. Previously, in scenarios where you upgraded Genesys CX Insights to release 9.0.018 or 9.0.019, vertical frames did not appear. (GCXI-5043)

Links from values in reports now correctly open related reports. Previously, in scenarios where an incorrect value (long value ending with zeros/E+) appeared in the prompt/report filter for the Interaction ID field, related reports could open with no data. (GCXI-4498)

The Interaction Flow Report now runs generates, and links in the Interaction ID column of the Interaction Handling Attempt Report now work correctly. Previously, both failed because Genesys CX Insights ignored user selections in the Interaction ID report prompt in the Transfer Detail Report, Interaction Flow Report, Predictive Routing Detail Report, and Co-browse Detail Report. (GCXI-4791)

Upgrade Notes

Refer to the Deployment Procedure for this release to deploy the installation package within your environment.

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