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Forward Your Calls

In this lesson, you will learn how to forward your call by using the My Channels tab in the Main Window. This lesson contains the following section:

Your administrator might not enable the Forward column in your environment.

Forwarding Calls

You can forward your calls to a different destination.

Lesson: Forwarding your calls to a different destination

Purpose: To specify a different destination to which your calls are directed temporarily and to cancel a forward.



  1. To forward calls to a different destination, in the Main Window, Click the Access and use Workspace supporting views button (IW Supporting Views Button 850.png) to display the Supporting Views menu, then select My Channels to display the My Channelstab.
  2. On the media channel that you want to forward, right-click in the Forward column, and select Forward (see the Main Window Workspace My Channels Forward menu figure).
    Main Window Workspace My Channels Forward menu
    The Forward dialog box is displayed.
  3. Enter the phone number to which you want to forward your calls.
  4. Click Apply to set the forward. Click Cancel to return to the My Channels tab without forwarding your calls.
  5. Canceling Your Call Forward

  6. If you have an active forward set and you want to disable it, in the My Channels tab, right-click in the Forward column and select Cancel Forward. The Cancel Forward dialog box is displayed.
  7. Click Apply to cancel the forward. To keep the forward active, click Cancel; this action removes the active forward and changes the Forward status to No Active Forward.


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