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Connect to your Voicemail Messages


In this lesson, you will learn how to determine whether you have waiting voicemail messages and how to connect to your voicemail box.

Workspace might be configured by your administrator to enable you to view your voicemail boxes and connect to your voicemail boxes by using the Workspace main view.

Lesson: Connecting to your Voicemail Messages

Purpose: To determine whether or not you have unplayed voicemail messages and to connect to your voicemail boxes.


  • Your account is enabled to view the status of your voicemail box in the Workspace main view.
  • You are logged into Workspace (see Getting Started).
  • You have unplayed voicemail messages.


  1. If you have unplayed voicemail messages, a "messages waiting indicator" (IW Voicemail MWI 851.png) is displayed on the Access and use Workspace supporting views button (IW Supporting Views Button 850.png).
    The message waiting indicator displays the number of unplayed messages in your voicemail box(es) and the number of unread system messages. Your system administrator can configure Workspace to display the sum of the number of messages in your personal voicemail box, group voicemail boxes, and/or your My Messages view.
  2. To view the status of your voicemail boxes, hover your mouse pointer over the message waiting indicator. A tooltip is displayed that lists the number of messages in each of your voicemail boxes and the My Messages view.
  3. To access your voicemail box(es), click IW Supporting Views Button 850.png to display the Supporting Views menu.

    Your voicemail boxes are displayed in the menu.

    If you have voicemail messages that you have not played, a "messages waiting indicator" (IW Voicemail MWI 851.png) is displayed beside the name of each of the voicemail boxes that your administrator has granted you access.
  4. To call your voicemail box, select it from the Supporting Views menu.

    A new internal interaction is launched.
  5. Use the keypad to enter your authentication.


See also: View and Connect to Your Voicemail Messages in the Workspace 8.5.1 Help.

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