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Workspace Concepts

This lesson introduces you to Workspace, the next-generation Genesys agent desktop interface. Privilege- and role-driven capabilities, as well as features that focus on the needs of the user, make Workspace a total agent solution. The Workspace agent interface enables users to invoke interactions that are related to existing interactions--ensuring a consistent customer experience. This lesson contains the following sections:


Workspace is the customer-interaction user interface for the Genesys 8 suite.

The Workspace application enables you to manage, from your workstation desktop, both Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)-based and Internet-based contact interactions.

Workspace enables you to handle customer interactions, manage your status, and interact with others in your contact center.

Privileges are assigned to you, based on your role. You might be a junior agent who has only a limited set of media and controls, you might be an expert agent who has access to all of the privileges that are available through Workspace, or you might have a specialized role created for you by your administrator that enables you to handle specific types of interactions.

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