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In the Column List:

  • P = Primary key
  • M = Mandatory field
  • F = Foreign key
  • In the Data Type column, varchar/nvarchar means that the data type is varchar except in multi-language databases that use Unicode, in which case the data type is nvarchar.


This table expands the timecode values, referenced in other tables as *_TCODE, into specific time value entities, such as month name, day of the week, day of the month, and so on. The table should be pre-populated before using it.

To assist you in preparing supplementary documentation, click the following link to download a comma-separated text file containing information such as the data types and descriptions for all columns in this table: Download a CSV file.

Hint: For easiest viewing, open the downloaded CSV file in Excel and adjust settings for column widths, text wrapping, and so on as desired. Depending on your browser and other system settings, you might need to save the file to your desktop first.

Column List


Column Data Type P M F Description
ID int X The timecode value. This corresponds to *_TCODE fields, such as CREATED_TCODE, ADDED_TCODE, DELETED_TCODE, and LASTCHANGE_TCODE in other tables.
TC_MIN int X The number of minutes corresponding to this timecode.
TC_HOUR int X The number of hours corresponding to this timecode.
TC_DAY int X The day of the month corresponding to this timecode.
TC_WEEKDAY int Reserved
TC_WEEK int Reserved
TC_MONTH int X The month number corresponding to this timecode.
TC_YEAR int X The year value corresponding to this timecode.
TC_DAYNAME varchar(20) Reserved
TC_WEEKNAME varchar(30) Reserved
TC_MONTHNAME varchar(20) Reserved
TC_H int The hour corresponding to this timecode.
TC_Q int The quarter in which this timecode falls.
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